Job Hunt Tips: Recent College Graduates

by RecruiTips 20. October 2011 13:02

The job market is tough for everyone right now, and recent graduates’ road to employment is even tougher, as they have little to no work experience.  If you are a recent college graduate, here are some tips to improve your job search:

1.    Take job advice, but be sure it’s current.  While your parents can be a great resource during your job search, make sure you balance it with advice from other sources.  Job search strategies have changed dramatically over the past decade, so be sure you are following advice that is up-to-date.

2.    Spend more time on fewer applications.  A few quality applications will go a lot farther than a mass resume blast.  Companies want to know that you care about the position to which you are applying.

3.    Use every opportunity to network.  Networking is one of the most effective ways to land a job.  You should always be prepared to have a career conversation, and don’t shy away from taking advantage of your connections. 

4.    Don’t forget about your college career center!  Career centers are as much for alumni as for current students.  People are always looking to hire from their alma mater!

Increased Hiring for 2012 College Grads

by RecruiTips 18. October 2011 10:50

Over the past few years, people have followed the United States unemployment and hiring trends with bated breath.  Many of those who are employed worry about being laid-off and recent college graduates fear that they may never find a job.  Finally some positive news!

In a recent study released by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a non-profit organization, they predicted positive hiring trends for 2012 college graduates.  Hiring is expected to be increasing within all regions of the United States.

In 2011 from August 3rd until September 23rd, NACE surveyed 244 employers across the nation.  NACE found that the Midwest is expected to have the largest college grad hiring increase with 19.5% compared to the hiring of college grads in 2011.  This is followed by the West with an 11.5% increase and the Southeast with an 8.6% increase.  In last but with promising growth is the Northeast with 6.9%.  Overall, employers are predicted to hire 9.5% more college grads than they did in 2011.

More good news, for those of you graduating with degrees in business, engineering, or technology, you are expected to experience the greatest boost in hiring.

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