3 Tips for Recruiters

by RecruiTips 5. February 2012 12:10

Want to become a better recruiter?  Here are three tips to send you on your way:

1.    Referrals are key.  It’s pretty safe to say that your top performing employees know driven candidates with similar backgrounds, whether it be from school or a former employer.  Referrals can greatly expedite the recruiting process.

2.    Recruiters are salesmen.  Remember that recruiting is a two-way street.  You have to convince candidates that they want to work for your company, as much as they want to convince you that they would be valuable employees.

3.    Use talent acquisition technology to make your life easier.  Find a single platform that can help you streamline your recruiting process.  Don’t pick a bunch of un-integrated systems – they can slow you down!

5 Tips Hiring Managers Should Remember

by RecruiTips 7. November 2011 13:09

When jobs are hard to come by and the number of applicants per position continues to increase, employers can sometimes forget how to treat their candidates—no matter what stage of the hiring process they are in.  Recruiters who fail to treat applicants well jeopardize their relationships with great candidates, as well as potential customers, and even new employees.  Here are 5 things employers should remember throughout the recruiting process:

1.    Interviews go both ways.  While the interview stage is certainly a time for employers to learn more about candidates, it is also a time for candidates to assess whether the company and job are right for them.

2.    Top candidates will receive more than one offer.  Don’t assume that the candidate will take the job just because you offer it; be sure all candidates have a good recruiting experience, or you may risk losing them to another company.

3.    Candidates will read into every detail of your rejection letter.  Don’t say anything you don’t mean, because many candidates will take what you say very personally.

4.    It only takes a few seconds to tell a candidate he or she is no longer being considered.  Even if it’s an automated message, jobseekers will walk away with a much more positive opinion of your company than if you leave them in the dark.

5.    Applicants are human!  We all have loved ones who are looking for new jobs—treat your candidates the same way you would want your friends and family to be treated.

Best Recruiting Practices for Passive Candidates

by RecruiTips 19. August 2011 09:53

Lou Adler, of the HR consulting service, the Adler Group, recently wrote an article on the best ways to attract and hire passive candidates.  He points out that last year a study determined that 82% of LinkedIn’s employed members defined themselves as passive candidates.  For obvious reasons, however, these candidates are the most difficult to convince to work at your company.  Adler argues that recruiters need to know what they are doing in order to draw passive candidates away from their current employment.  He offers the “6 C’s” for best passive candidate recruiting practices:

1.    Compelling. Play to the candidate’s fundamental motivator.  If you can convince the candidate that he or she would be passing up on a major opportunity, you will have a much better chance of winning him or her over.

2.    Control. The recruiter should always make sure he/or she has control of the process.  Upon contacting the candidate, you should ask the person to tell you a bit about him or herself, before explaining the available opportunity.

3.    Career.  Position this opportunity as more than a job; explain that it is a major career opportunity.  If you need to tailor the opportunity a little to entice the candidate, so be it.

4.    Connect. Even if the candidate turns out not to be quite the right fit, chances are he/she knows someone who is a good fit.  So don’t throw away the contact.  Start connecting with the former candidate’s network. 

5.    Conviction.  Know that the opportunity is a good one, and don’t take “no” for an answer.  Check in with the candidate several times to make sure you stay on his or her mind.

6.    Close. Land a hire, but don’t stray outside of the budget.  Remember that the position you are offering a great career opportunity for someone—not just a salary.

Remember these 6 C’s, and you will hire some excellent candidates—both passive and active!

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