8 Pieces of Job Search Advice You Can Throw Out

by RecruiTips 12. July 2011 05:16

The job search system has changed over time, so why shouldn’t your job search practices?  Here are 8 pieces of advice that no longer apply to the modern day job hunt:

1.    You must always conduct a phone interview on a landline.  Many people no longer have access to a landline, so a cell phone is permissible if there is no other option.  However, dropped calls and spotty service are not acceptable, so you must secure a quiet space with a reliable provider. 

2.    Your resume should be limited to one page.  Recruitips addressed this topic in depth in the past few weeks.  A two-page resume is appropriate for an experienced professional.

3.    You need to include every job you’ve have on your resume.  Think of your resume as one of your best marketing tools.  Craft a document that best showcases your relevant experience.  Include more detail on relevant positions; old and irrelevant positions may not be necessary to describe.

4.    Offer “references available upon request” at the bottom of your resume.  This practice is now considered implicit.  If a recruiter wants references, he or she will ask you for them directly.

5.    Indicate an objective at the top of your resume.  Hiring managers know that you will tailor these precisely to the position, and therefore, do not believe they are sincere.  Use the space to include more detail about your experience, or embrace the new trend of replacing the objective with a highlights section or skills summary.

6.    Invest in good resume paper.  Virtually all hiring managers accept—and prefer—electronic resumes…Save your money.

7.    During an interview, position one of your strengths to sound like a weakness.  Hiring managers are far too well-acquainted with this tactic.  Admitting to a true weakness is more genuine and refreshing than hearing that your perfectionism is a weakness or you work too hard.

8.    Your resume and cover letter should be written formally.  Many interviewers prefer a tone that sounds like you, rather than a stuffy, proper one.   Allow the best version of yourself to shine through.


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